What quality will the supplied files be?

The resulting files will be supplied at Archival Industry Standard. This means that all documents that are photographed will be at 300dpi TIFF, allowing the sharpest level of detail possible. This is above industry standard, meaning that the resulting imagery will be the best results for the purpose required. Although these files are not user-friendly (images in TIFF format are not generally web-friendly, but can be opened in many different software packages and browsers), a duplicate set will also be provided in JPG format, allowing viewing and uploading to web-based storage if required. For multi-page documents, an additional PDF/A document will be created, which can be viewed in any PDF Viewer or Browser. This will allow easier viewing of the individual pages, and where possible, allow searching of the text within the document. Handwriting cannot be made searchable, due to optical recognition issues.
Photographs will be scanned at a minimum of 600dpi, with the ability to scan as high as 9600dpi, allowing for potential enlargement of a segment of a photograph to full size, without loss of visual quality.
These resolutions are in line with Industry Standards, however if you would require an extra set of files at a different resolution for your own use, we can also provide these in addition to the above formats.

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