What We Do

Put simply, we take the old and make it new.

DAB offers a document digitisation and photographic restoration service for any organisation that might have historically significant documents, registers or photographs that they are wanting to preserve and digitise.
DAB has the ability to carefully take these items and convert them into digital files, allowing researchers and other club members to access these records well into the future, without damaging or mishandling the originals.
Bound volumes are carefully rested into a cradle, allowing each page to be digitally photographed, but also protecting the spine of the volume by not laying it flat and risking it cracking or being destroyed. Once digitised, image files can then be converted to PDF format, as well as JPG, TIFF and Archival Quality files. In many cases, the resulting PDFs can be made searchable, allowing fast access to historical information.

Photographic restorations can remove the damage caused by water, damp, heat, mould, silver-rot, or even just the natural ageing of old photographs. In many cases, photographs are able to be restored to near-new condition, even enhancing tiny details that have been long forgotten.

Perhaps an image has been folded, creased, torn, even taped or glued back together after previously being damaged. Often, these repairs are not as complex as you might think, and we would be happy to view an image to give you a quote for repairs before proceeding.

All original photographs and documents are returned after digitising, along with the digital files on DVD or USB. With your consent, files can also be shared with the local Historical Society, Local Library, National Library of Australia, Trove or another 3rd party of your choosing. This is completely optional, and records are kept confidential unless instructed otherwise.