Digitising Newspapers

Recently I read an interesting blog post that demonstrated the process that the State Library of Victoria undertakes when Digitising newspapers. This process is very similar to the methods that DAB use, in that it relies on photographic techniques rather than scanning the pages individually. 

I have digitised many thousands of pages of records using this technique, and I can attest that the best part about it (apart from the speed that can be achieved compared to scanning) is for the entire page to be captured, including the text that runs into the spine curve. A scanner would show this as either blurred or black.

I wanted to share this post with you, as I often receive questions about the specifics of what I do, or reactions of bewilderment when I mention the work that I do. This shows the process in an interesting way, with photographs to show the methods used.

Bringing the Old into the 21st Century.

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