Williamstown Bowling Club

Williamstown Bowling Club

DAB is pleased to welcome the Williamstown Bowling Club to our ever-growing list of clientele. Williamstown Bowling Club was formed in 1882, and has been continuously running ever since.

DAB is looking forward to delving into their archive of historical records, photographs and awards, spanning more than 130 years, and preserving them for future generations of researchers, genealogists and local sporting supporters. The records may solve someone’s mystery on their family tree, piece together where their grandfather went every week, who his friends were or even help locate an elusive distant relative and place them in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. One thing is for certain, digitising these records will assist the club in their own preservation and research of their own story, and ensure that future generations will be able to access these records and do their won research.


Bringing the Old into the 21st Century.

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