Christ Church, Newport

Christ Church, Newport

DAB would like to welcome our newest client, Christ Church, Newport!

Founded ~1900, Christ Church has offered the local Anglican community a place of worship for many generations.
My grandfather was Christened at this church, as were his parents and probably his grandparents as well. I have never attended a service here, but judging by their current Reverend, it would be an interesting service.

A few years ago, a freak storm brought down their steeple, rendering the church as unsafe for use. The nearby Baptist church offered their church for worship, and both denominations co-existed under one roof until the steeple was able to be rebuilt, and the building deemed structurally safe once more.

I was allowed to view these files some years ago, and discovered a few people that I was unaware of on my family tree. These files offered me names and clues that led me to locate some relatives who now live on the other side of town, who we had lost contact with many years ago. I now have some new cousins! Facebook has allowed us to contact each other, and now we swap photos of family. This was all made possible by a single marriage certificate. Imagine what could be achieved with all of the records from an entire church!

DAB is looking forward to delving into the archives of Baptism, Marriage and Funeral records, digitising them for future generations, as well as making them available for public access at a future date. Many local genealogists will have someone represented in these records, and hopefully these historical documents can solve a mystery or two, as they did for myself.

Baptism Certificate of Henry Bell – My Grandfather.

Bringing the Old into the 21st Century.

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